Terror on the Fox 2015



Entering our 19th season, Pale Eye Productions and the Green Bay Preble Optimist Club once again bring you world class dark attractions at the area’s most unique location, Terror on the Fox.  Whether it be the train ride, the walk through the woods, Camp Ash, Pandemonium or the Ominous Sanctum, one can always be certain that within the shadowless areas, darkness looms.

The Main Attraction

An evil dark history is waiting to tell its story.  The exterior keeps the horror contained while it entices you to enter.  Once inside, there is no protection from the energy that emanates from the walls and veiled corners.  Do not seek refuge within the Ominous Sanctum.


There’s a sense of churning gut rot deep within you and a heavily muddled mind.

You just want to leave behind the bad feelings.

(If only you could find your way out.)

You just want to get the voices out of your head.

(If only the chorus would cease.)

You just want to see through the heavy fog.

You just want to find the real door.

(If only this was it!)

You just want to escape the Pandemonium.

2015 logo

A very special Thanks to VerHalen Commercial Interiors for the use of their parking lotLocated across the street from Terror on the Fox on Broadway.

Dates of Operation

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