The Attractions at Terror on the Fox




Long ago, a circus train carrying a band of clowns headed for Milwaukee derailed and cast the motley gang into the woods by the river – killing some and disfiguring the remainder. The survivors were thrown into the darkness and abandoned for dead, turning hungry and vengeful as the townsfolk came to gawk at the wreckage. Starving, disgruntled and out for vengeance, the clowns turned cannibalistic and commandeered an abandoned slaughterhouse to lure unwitting hikers and adventurers into their trap. If you’ve never seen a chainsaw wielding disfigured clown, you haven’t really lived…or died. Dare to discover your destiny at the Slaughter House and hopefully live to tell the tale!


The Deadhouse

Wisconsin has sent all of their criminals, demented souls, and asylum patients to live out their days at an old house down the tracks. But, the group of misfits grew restless and took control of the old house – creating a place of anarchy, debauchery and the darkest of secrets. And any curious soul that has set out to discover what lurks inside has been met with a terminal fate. Even law enforcement dares not step on the property. Rumors claim that beneath the house exists catacombs containing real human bones and “sewing” rooms where flesh is used to create horrifying masks and clothing. And behind the house lies murky swamps that hide the remains of visitors past. Dare you journey through the house to discover the secrets that lurk within?



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